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Round Candle Petits Papiers
Round Candle Petits Papiers
Mad Et Len

Round Candle Petits Papiers

$120 or 4 x $30 with
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or 4 x $30 with

I dream a life of a long parade of fantasy and "joie de vivre", wavering from Belleville to Paris. Pierrot, Columbine and Harlequin, flying confetti of "Petitis Papiers".

Hand-poured candle with vegetal wax infused with a selection of pure original perfume from Grasse.


Volute of Belleville Burning Petits Papiers, Benzoin and Balmy Resins

MAD et LEN; refuse to use paraffin and other petroleum-based components or the use of CMR molecules in their creation.

Large approx ~ 65 hours of burn time.

Black Iron, 100% vegetal black/ white wax, beeswax, cotton wick, pure perfume.

Handmade in France. Vessel handmade in Morocco and Mauritania with distinct little bumps and scratches giving you one of a kind pieces of art. Everything is handmade by a small but talented team of artisansat the atelier.

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