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“We believe that each one of our differences can make a difference.

We believe that beauty is as diverse as human beings on earth.

We believe that perfume transcends our emotions, so we must carefully choose the right paths.

We only use natural ingredients.

We use Raw materials to create formulas with very few ingredients to echo our desire for simplicity.

We work with Nature and its cycles, which at times might slightly alter the aroma of some ingredients from season to season, giving us a product embracing Nature’s work at its best...

We refuse to use: paraffin or other petroleum-based component or CMR molecules in our creations.

We follow the beat of our own drum, both creatively and commercially.

We support a craftsmanship ecosystem: from handcrafted iron and hand-blended perfumes to hand-filled bottles, everything is handmade by our small but talented team of artisans at the atelier.

All our irons are handcrafted with distinct little bumps and scratches, giving you one of a kind pieces of art.”