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Nestled behind exotic cactus gardens, an overflow of nature hugging its surrounds, The Dairy was designed to connect the beauty of the old with the spirit of the new.

Taking inspiration from its original structure and façade, the heart and soul of The Dairy is brought to life through the care and craftsmanship of local artisans and carefully considered pieces that inspire the design found in old and new worlds to sit in harmony, side-by-side.


“Home is about a sense of comfort, a sense of care, and a sense of being able to be who we are. Families create homes that uniquely reflect how they live, their sense of style and beauty, and the individuals that make up the family….”

Set in the heart of the Byron Bay hinterland and transporting you a world away, The Dairy & La Villa were born from the magic of a family’s creation and complete a part of the picture known as Casas Secretas. A private oasis created by a collaboration between Mother and Daughter, the homes that make up the soul of Casas Secretas are an expression of what it means to be family.

Customised furnishings have been intentionally sourced to enhance and capture the indoor and outdoor nature of the properties. Island Luxe Naga Table, Tinekhome Sofa in Walnut, and Lee Brennan Candelabra with Candle Kiosk Candles support the space’s pared-back beauty and natural aesthetic. The stories, lived experiences and time spent together have created an intimate insight that gives guests the chance to savour and immerse in their memories of past holidays, treasured moments spent with family and future journeys waiting to transpire. It is where daydreams continue to manifest long after you’ve left.