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Knobbly Cosmo Ring
Knobbly Cosmo Ring
Knobbly Cosmo Ring
Knobbly Cosmo Ring
Knobbly Cosmo Ring
Elena Elias

Knobbly Cosmo Ring

$500 or 4 x $125 with
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or 4 x $125 with

Individually sculpted fine stacking rings, each imperfect circle becomes the unique lifespan of a single soul’s wobbly, knobbly journey through our vast cosmos.

The same patterns of life-death-life; the same archetypal characters appearing over and over - new iterations of the same scenes played out by actors in new guises on the same stage.

And yet, despite the common threads that bind, each iteration, each star in the galaxy, each gesture between lovers, each ancestral story told over a shared meal, becomes more than just another to those that love it.

Each mark in softened wax is worthy of the gold that allows its spirit to hold solid form for just a little while longer.

As each piece is sculpted by hand, there will be slight variations in the design of each jewel. This adds to the unique and hand-crafted story of each piece.

Hand-sculpted in Melbourne.

9ct Yellow Gold.

Circumference (mm)

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