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Enamelled Cast Iron Sauce Pan 0.5L
Enamelled Cast Iron Sauce Pan 0.5L
Enamelled Cast Iron Sauce Pan 0.5L
Enamelled Cast Iron Sauce Pan 0.5L
Enamelled Cast Iron Sauce Pan 0.5L
Sergio Herman

Enamelled Cast Iron Sauce Pan 0.5L

$180 or 4 x $45 with
or 4 x $45 with

Introducing the Surface for Serax collection by master chef Sergio Herman from Zeeland!

This innovative and timeless design features sturdy cast iron cooking pots and pans with an unyielding black glaze, suitable for any heat source. The collection is extensive, with every size serving its own unique function and every detail adding value.

From novice to expert, this collection is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their cooking game. Don't miss out on this must-have addition to your kitchen!

Available in 0.5L or 1.3L

Materials: Enamel cast iron
Bottom: Ceramic coating


Food safe
Suitable for all heating sources (induction, gas, electrical and ceramic)
Dishwasher proof: no
Oven proof: yes

Special Care Instructions:

Although the products are dishwasher-proof, it is possible that many washing cycles make the enamel go dull. That is why we advise you to first wash the pan manually in warm soapy water. Let the pan cool off slowly first. Never immerse it in cold water. If there are intractable residues in the pan, then let it soak for a minute in warm soapy water.

For the most difficult remains, you can use a
plastic or wooden brush. Iron tools can damage the pan. Dry the pan well and maybe grease the inside and the top edge with a little oil. Thus, the enamel remains in good condition. The top edge is not enamelled and must be greased regularly with oil to offer it additional protection. Finally, you can store the pan in a dry space.

To develop a patina layer on the surface, it is important to never clean with scouring pads or abrasives. If you do not use the pan often, it is useful to grease it once in a while.

For the best results, you work as follows: heat the pan on low heat until it is hot enough to add oil. Choose a cooking oil with a high flash point, such as sunflower oil. Then take the pan off the heat and rub the oil in with paper cloths. Be sure to first allow the pan to cool down before storing it.

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