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Ashanti Doll Necklace 18" on Ball Chain
Sable Noir

Ashanti Doll Necklace 18" on Ball Chain

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Ashanti Doll Necklace 18" is available in rope or ball 925 recycled Italian diamond-cut sterling silver chains.

Each piece is one of a kind and is intended as a keepsake to be cherished over a lifetime.

From the #1 Ashanti collection

The Ashanti tribe values familial tradition is very spiritual, and believes in supernatural powers. Originally, fertility dolls are carved from wood in different forms and sizes. They have been used for centuries in the Ashanti tribe. The dolls are passed to a daughter from a mother for generations. This is often represented as a lucky charm on the continent, which is why the designer wanted to transcend this meaningful and powerful doll into pieces of jewellery of her creation.

925 Italian sterling silver.

With wear and the passing of time, the finish of 925 sterling silver will organically fade through to its natural radiance. This process is intentionally left to preserve each piece's organic feel.

Chain length 45cm

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