Wabi-Sabi Chopsticks

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Details: Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection, profundity in earthiness; it is concerned with the revering of authenticity above all else. It speaks of the beauty found in minimally processed, natural elements.

In a world full of social constructs, imposed ideals, cultural & religious expectations, & impossibly sterile standards of beauty & behaviour, imperfection can be hard to accept let alone appreciate. These chopsticks are designed to ignore all pre-defined ideas of the expected; they are uneven yet uniform, balanced yet asymmetrical, both black & white & shades of grey, imperfect yet perfect. They are Wabi-Sabi

While these pieces will be very similar in size & shape, all of Made Of Australia's pieces are completely unique in character & markings; from dark & moody, or pale & smokey, to those with both light & dark high contrasting markings & those with subtle shades of grey all over. 

MaterialsThe works under go a final stage of not the usual glaze however a unique seal of Liquid Quartz, a water based coating employing revolutionary technology to ensure food safety & stain resistance.

This finish allows Made Of Australia's work to not only remain raw and natural yet also functional and safe for everyday use.

Measurements: Each pair is approximately 24cm long, & comes with a 3-4cm Chopstick Rest.