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or 4 x $71.50 with

This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto. There is no purpose in life beyond the pleasure of the senses. I have a secret desire that even I don't know about, as I am constantly discovering a new one. I think that secret represents the true future.

The pleasure of the senses is like a kaleidoscope of individual experiences that warm the soul. Every new sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch brings a heightened level of bliss that persists long after the moment has passed. It is a journey of discovery, unfolding a plethora of new sensations and emotions that can be explored and savoured.

This fragrance is an aroma that lingers like a whisper in the dark. One that encourages the act of freeing self-indulgence.

Sadonaso is the result of a chase after the incomparable feeling of an unknown desire. Materialised as we sweat in pursuit of self-creation.

Ultimately, the beauty of life is that the secret to the future is unknowable and subject to change.

Extrait de Parfum 30ml. 

The sweat of pleasure what happens in the dark.

Beechwood lacquered in layers of black paint with a transparent shiny finish.
Unisex fragrance
Extrait de Parfum 30ml
Made in Italy

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