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Meo Fusciuni


$275 or 4 x $68.75 with
or 4 x $68.75 with

Cycle Of Poetry (2018)

The first chapter of the Cycle of Poetry collection, Meo Fusciuni's Notturno Parfum, is inspired by night; the physical journey makes room for the inner journey of man, a deep and romantic dedication to the poets and writers who have marked Meo Fusciuni's path, inside and outside of his artistic life.

The poetic and olfactory pyramid of Notturno is a dark work that rips and protects you, a sensual scent that envelops. 

"I waited for everything to pass, that the multitude became unique. The olfactory architecture of the heart."

Eau de Parfum 100ml

Top notes
Rum, Pineapple

Heart notes
Ink, Leather, Clove, Birch

Base notes
Amber, Musk, Incense, Cedarwood

Unisex fragrance
79% alcohol of vegetal origin
Eau de Parfum 100ml
Made in Italy

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