Tea Pot

Details:A wheel thrown, stoneware teapot with kangaroo leather trim (non-animal option also available, please request it in the order comments to receive non-leather trim instead.)

While these pieces will be very similar in size & shape, all of Made Of Australia's pieces are completely unique in character & markings; from dark & moody, or pale & smokey, to those with both light & dark high contrasting markings & those with subtle shades of grey all over. 

MaterialsThe works under go a final stage of not the usual glaze however a unique seal of Liquid Quartz, a water based coating employing revolutionary technology to ensure food safety & stain resistance.

This finish allows Made Of Australia's work to not only remain raw and natural yet also functional and safe for everyday use.

Measurements: The body is around 18-20cm in diameter (not including handle & pouring spout) & about 10cm high. Holds approximately 1.2 - 1.5 litres (about 6 cups).

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