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Velvet Hat Limited Edition - Black
Velvet Hat Limited Edition - Black
Velvet Hat Limited Edition - Black
Velvet Hat Limited Edition - Black

Velvet Hat Limited Edition - Black

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Soft velvet hat with hand-stitched ribbon trimming. Moldable and foldable. 

Elastic/ stretch bands are developed by Horisaki to make their hats easier to wear. It makes the hat sit very comfortably on your head and can be worn down in colder weather and/ or as a detail. It makes the fit suitable for most sizes. 

Horisaki hats are handmade and handstitched. Therefore, variations in shape, form, colour and measurements in the brim and crown may occur. Measurements will also vary depending on how the wearer shapes the hat.

No stiffening is used in the hat-making process, which makes the hats soft and comfortable with good travel abilities.

Horisaki hats are made to last for years to come. If materials are fraying they were chosen by the makers to do so.

Handmade in Sweden.

100% Vintage Rabbit Fur Felt - Limited Edition.

Rabbit fur felt is very durable. It will hold its shape well. The rabbit felt is slightly thicker and warmer than the beaver felt.

It’s a great choice for a softer everyday hat. The hats are made to be durable, to easily be packed and to travel well.

Brim size: 2cm
Crown size: 10cm

size xs s m l xl
usa size 6 3/4 7 7 1/4 7 1/2 7 5/8
inches 21 1/2 22 1/8 23 23 3/4 24 1/2
centimeters 54.5 56.5 58.5 60.5 62.5

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