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Mer Antique Necklace
Mer Antique Necklace
Mer Antique Necklace
Mer Antique Necklace
Sable Noir

Mer Antique Necklace

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Recycled Italian Sterling 925 Chain with Peruvian Pyrite Cluster. Mounted on a free-form sterling silver frame.

Each one of a kind, no two alike.

From the #2 Reminiscence Collection

The Reminiscence collection is steeped in legends of lost treasures and marauding conquistadors from old times. Pieces are wrought to resemble antique treasures, oceanic relics rediscovered by the wearer. The collection features natural hand-selected Peruvian pyrites, semi-precious stones, solid bronze and sterling silver.

Italian Sterling 925 silver, Peruvian Pyrite cluster

With wear and the passing of time, the finish of 925 sterling silver will organically fade through to its natural radiance. This process is intentionally left to preserve each piece's organic feel.

Chain length 60cm

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