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Minimalist Deep Bowl
Minimalist Deep Bowl
Minimalist Deep Bowl
Made Of Australia

Minimalist Deep Bowl

$150 or 4 x $37.50 with
or 4 x $37.50 with

These coupe bowls with a squared footing are perfect for sharing salads, serving sides, or serving large servings of ramen or soup. You can safely stack them 2-3 bowls high (but no more, as they have extra fine rims to be treated more gently than other items in this range). 

They are the most popular bowl for wedding gifts or shared dishes in restaurants and are just as at home in the modern domestic kitchen as in 5-star establishments.

While these pieces will be very similar in size & shape, all of Made Of Australia's pieces are completely unique in character & markings, from dark & moody or pale & smokey, to those with both light & dark high contrasting markings & those with subtle shades of grey all over. 

Everything from the Australian clays to the foraged indigenous flora & waste from native fauna used in the firing of the ceramic art is derived directly from the unique Australian landscape.

The works undergo a final stage of not the usual glaze but a unique seal of Liquid Quartz, a water-based coating employing revolutionary technology to ensure food safety & stain resistance.

This finish allows Made Of Australia's work to remain raw, natural, functional, and safe for everyday use.

Approximately 22cm in diameter and about 10cm high with a squared base.

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