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Bead Necklace Bronze Head
Bead Necklace Bronze Head
Bead Necklace Bronze Head
Bead Necklace Bronze Head
Bead Necklace Bronze Head
Sable Noir

Bead Necklace Bronze Head

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Introducing the Bead Necklace Bronze, a refined addition to your collection from Sable Noir. Each necklace is a masterpiece of subtlety and elegance, featuring a sturdy sterling silver chain that undergoes a meticulous oxidation process to reveal a spectrum of colours from golden hues to deep charcoal.

The heart of this handcrafted solid bead exemplifies Sable Noir's dedication to artisanal beauty. With its simple yet captivating design, the Bead necklace is an ode to minimalist luxury, perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance.

Each bead is sculpted and finished with a specific faceted work using the ancient lost wax technique. Each facet is different, requiring a long polishing and finishing process: some mirrors are polished to reflect light, and some are left raw for a unique and organic feel.

Let the Dune Collection take you to the heart of Northern African deserts, where tales of old are etched in every piece. Here, silver and bronze meet the dune's whispers, encapsulated in the pure form of organically shaped forms, pearls and rose cut stones.

Necklace length: 46cm.
adjustable at 38cm or 46cm.

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