Ashanti Doll Necklace 18"

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Materials: .925 symbol on recycled Italian diamond cut sterling silver chain 

Measurements: Chain is 45cm length 
From the #1 Ashanti Collection

More about the Tribe:

Akan empire and kingdom from 1701 to 1957, in what is now modern-day Ghana, in  Africa.
The Akan people, ancestors of Ashanti, traditionally leaved in the extended area for centuries.  
The tribes value familial tradition, are very spiritual and believe in supernatural powers. They believe that plants, animals, and trees have souls. 

Akua’ba refers to the fertility doll carved from wood by the Ashanti people and is cherished in most Ashanti’s home.
Fertility dolls have been used for centuries in the Ashanti tribe. Like normal children, they are dressed and tied to the back, or form part of the home shrine when not being carried. The dolls are passed to a daughter from a mother for generations. This is often represented as lucky charms on the continent, and that is why the designer wanted to transcend this meaningful and powerful doll into pieces of jewellery of her own creation.