Hemp Rug Extra-Large

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Details: A vintage one-of-a-kind unique limited handmade natural all pure hemp kelim rug with a plus 40-50 years history, and a wash-wash finish. No two the same and each colour will vary and not necessarily showcase the exact details and specifications of each rug, prior to purchasing if you wish to contact our customer team we will be happy to send further imagery. 

Individually and originally collected throughout the anatolian plateau; washed in the sea and dried on the beach to ensure this unique and amazing hemp touch - prior to be re-vitalized and re-designed by Prïvate®0204 of Copenhagen 
Made in Anatolia, Turkey. 

Care Instructions: For improved comfort and pleasure of this 100% handspun natural hemp rug, we recommend to. 
Use a rug-underlay 
WASH with loads of water at a proff. carpet/rug laundry -